Daily Post: 3. An ode to an object

An Ode to an object- Daily post 3




I love so many of the strange things I own and have odd fascinations with them and for the odes. Part of this is because I am pretty easy to please. So many things bring actual happiness to me, things that most people wouldn’t categorize as drive you crazy kind of love.. lol For example I have this one sweater that is black and white stripes that may or may not be from a maternity section in Ralph Lauren, but I love it and always try to get away with wearing it with a number of outfits that it just doesn’t go with.

I own a small medium-sized make up bag that is pink and it’s the shape of a watermelon. haha It makes me laugh every morning I see it on the bathroom counter. I don’t know why but I’ll never get a new one and I probably should. It’s kind of old and I just stitch the plastic in the corners when it starts fraying a bit. I love it. It makes me feel silly as a full-grown woman who has a make up bag that’s a watermelon. I even think of ways to change the things I love into other things for when they become to old or used to use them for what they were originally intended for. Like most of my old hoodies and sweaters that are just no good or too stained or ripped to wear outside with my head held high. I make all of them into cute little cotton pencil skirts and then they are even more special because they have all the stories of when I wore them as sweaters and now all my new memories with these items will be as a skirt.

I wear scarves all year-long which living on the east coast of the country you can imagine makes no sense in the summer but you better believe I wear scarves almost every day of the year and I have a favorite, it’s this pale pink plaid thing that’s cotton and seriously matches nothing but I love it for exactly that reason and funny enough it’s never been lost through all the moves and bar hopping over the years. Bars are the number one culprit for losing precious items lol. I have even lost a purse before at a bar. That’s another article I will post under “the whiskey train” category of my  blogs.

So all in all this an ode to a few objects. 🙂


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