DP challenge: Born to be with you


Got a soul-mate and/or a best friend? What is it about that person that you love best? Describe them in great detail — leave no important quality out.

Me (left) and Jackie (right)

Me (left) and Jackie (right)

I have a cousin, her name is Jacqueline. She is also my best friend. She is kind of my bestie/soul-mate if you will. Different of course from my bf/ life partner/lover/best friend. But when I think about it she has been in my life all of her life. I remember when she could barely talk. Meaning I’m a few years older. She was a cute kid, I however was hideously big eared, it took forever for the size of my head to catch up with my ears, mouth and personality. hehe. I watched her grow up at different intervals of different times of her life and the one I love the best is the present: the woman she has turned out to be. Firstly she is very tall, me being only 5′ 2″ ish makes almost everyone seem tall but she’s a strapping 5 foot 8 and she walks extremely fast like the person on the streets of Manhattan that obviously has somewhere to be and dare you not, homeless man, ask her for change because she is probably late for something and will mow you down. lol In a good way. Jacqueline marches to the tune of her own beat but I wouldn’t be surprised if many a person who have met her or know her haven’t wished they could hear the music too because there is something wonderfully rich and mysterious about her and yet she is incredibly visible in every way possible that is good. Dark is a great way to describe her humor and her wardrobe. If they made a color darker than black I am certain she would wear that everyday. And yet….I don’t find anything gothic or morbid about her. She is vibrant with her choice of literature and eccentric with how she accentuates her life, right down to the gauges in her ears ( she has awesome batman ones and even a pair made from bamboo) all the way to choice in fabric she chooses to douse herself in when getting dressed. She is a sucker for leggings, and no one wears them better. My favorite thing about her is that she is fearless, in all that she does! She wants blue stripes in her hair, done! She wants to hone her skills as an artist, she rages on and poof, True art! She is an amazing artist with an eye for realism that you would think only someone with more years on this earth would have, tediously toiling at the canvas to refine their skill. She’s done in years what we know to take decades to accomplish. She is 24 years old.

I happen to be blessed to have been born into a family that is over flowing with talent and intellect galore. Jacqueline is in abundance of both. She is by far one of the most intelligent people I know and if she deigns to into a conversation your usually glad she did because her point of views are always eye-opening in a way akin to a Jane Austen or a Beethoven. You listen when they speak, write, play. I always listen when she speaks and her voice matters to me more than I think anyone knows.

Animal Lover is an understatement if there ever was one, to describe my modern-day Morticia. You know how some people love animals and then some people LOVE animals. Well she is the latter. Seriously, she can barely walk down the street past a homeless stray without thinking twice about whether to bring it home. And many an animal has come home. I’ve never seen someone who is also equally as loved by all types of animals in a way that takes most of us a lifetime to attain and usually this happens by nicely petting a friends cat when you visit over time and maybe having a pet or two in your life.

She is a force to be reckoned with.

No one in the entire world makes me laugh as hard as she does and I am a laughter, which I only mention because my heart is generally filled with joy and laughter but not like when we are together . Any single person who knows me can attest to this I can assure you. I used to think it must be because she just knows me really well but now I know it’s also because our souls seem to be in sync more often than not, even when miles separate us or life and work keep us busy from seeing one another she never skips a beat. It’s as if she is always with me, in my head, making me laugh.

Now it should be said that I am a pretty sensitive person, I cry easily over baby commercials and I am super girly and wear pink and think it should rain sprinkles and glitter everyday while I obsess over a very strange love of the bovine species and I actually dream of cupcakes 2 nights out of the week. Baking is my dream. haha. She loves me and accepts me everyday, all the time just as I am. Despite the fact that we are 2 extremely different types of women. She is my soul mate for sure and a piece of my soul that stands tall where I falter and hugs me when I cry  and always always watches movies I want to watch even if she has seen them before.

She was born six years after me and I was a long wait but I am so glad that she is here because I am born to be with her.


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