Daily Prompt: Express yourself


Do you love to dance, sing, write, sculpt, paint, or debate? What’s your favorite way to express yourself, creatively?

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I express myself tons of different ways creatively. I love to dance and I will dance to almost  any kind of music in almost any place. I am one of those people you see  in the supermarket actually enjoying my shopping experience and belting out whatever nice little song they are playing and shaking my thing in the bread isle. Which is one of my favorite isles because it’s pretty amazing how many different types of bread there are. 🙂  karaoke is one of favorite things especially since my voice is beyond awful and yet it never stops me from embarrassing anyone I’m with in the bar. I knit for pure enjoyment which might sound old lady-ish but nothing is better than rocking a scarf that you made yourself. And of course my renewed love of writing is always an awesome outlet for me because no matter what I write I always seem to learn something about myself.  🙂 I encourage all these to things to everyone.

❤ Cassandra


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