Bro Brunch! Awesome brunch ideas for dudes: Green beans and Tilapia?


Hello again, this is the second installment of Bro Brunches. Today I want to tell you about a great brunch Red made for me one afternoon from some food we had leftover from a fabulous fun fish fry the night before. We eat a lot of fish and he makes a mean beer batter fish fry but I made the fish he used for this one.


One of our really good friends Deuce, named so, I think because they might know a few other Zach’s, which is his actual name, well anyways Deuce was over for dinner and drinks so we decided to have an indoor fish fry. Deuce is from Minnesota ( insert a Minnesota accent) and is bearded like Red and tall and giant like a viking. I only say so to give some background and cause he is pretty awesome and a good fish fry just seems better with a tall viking like friend hehe.


Anyhow, this recipe is super easy and we happened to not have much food in the fridge the next morning because we ate it all, so when Red decided to throw together a little brunch for us I thought it was super awesome that he used the fish.



This has 4 simple ingredients in it. Fried Tilapia, fresh green beans(a bunch) and fresh garlic cloves(4) and red onion (1).

Prep work:

-Wash your green beans and slice or pull off the ends, we had a bunch of them that I hadn’t thrown into the salad I was planning on having the night before.

–  Peel then Roughly dice up your garlic cloves.

– Roughly dice your red onions into medium pieces.

Stove time:

– Heat your skillet or frying pan and when it’s nice and hot throw in your green beans and let cook for like 5 minutes.

– Throw in your garlic and let cook for another minute and then add your onions and let those cook until they are almost transparent ( we like them a little crunchier but if you prefer them soft, let them cook until fully translucent)

-Add salt and pepper to taste.

-Add your Tilapia to the pan in a little melted butter and let it re-fry and get a hot.

Sidenote: If you have some parsley or chives you can throw that on top of the fish with a squeeze or two of a lemon if you have it. It makes it that much more delicious.

-Finally simply plate your food how you feel will look the best and sometimes Red even sprinkles parmesan cheese on top of things that you really wouldn’t normally put on but I will tell you this, I have yet to taste one thing he has put cheese on top of that it didn’t make taste amazing, try it and toss in things that feel good to you. That’s what makes it a Bro Brunch. If it doesn’t work out and tastes really gross you probably didn’t follow these very simple instructions, but never fear you can always try it again. hehehe


Sidenote: The photos I used here are courtesy of the internet. 🙂 I apologize for that but I hadn’t taken a photo of the food when he initially cooked it. This often happens when we cook because usually we are so excited about eating that before you know it the food is gone.


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