DP challenge: Writerly Reflections.




One of the first times I chose to write on purpose and because I wanted to was when I was a teenager. I loved to read all the time. It had given me a chance to get away in my mind. I remember being thoroughly obsessed and absorbed with all things Anne Rice and Stephen King.  I had always kept a journal since the moment I could write and would constantly write random thoughts and ideas about any and everything that came to mind. One day when I was about 14 I decided to “write a book”. I did just that. Well, what I actually did was compile a list of all the poems I had written over the years when I had been sad and I decided to write them on the computer, print them out and then accompany them with an explanation of my state of mind when I wrote it and what the poem meant to me. I think I put 20 poems or so in it. I called it “A light in the dark”. My teenage self was very proud.

The first time I realized how truly impactful words can be and how much the written word actually meant to me was when my Aunt Vicki basically forced me to write something for my mothers funeral. Which at first upset me but in retrospect am so glad she did. I wrote a poem. I am not even sure where the poem is anymore.  But it gave me a voice and a platform to express my grief in way that I think was ultimately healthy.

I am new to blogging, only a few months in now and up until very recently always played around with the idea of actually one day writing a real book. I always thought my lack of actual literary training and the fact that I didn’t actively choose to become a writer as adult deemed me a writer in the hobby sense. I soon realized, once I was apart of a community of others, blogging about all types of things for so many different reasons that a writer is nothing other than a person without fear to write, a person who possesses a flame that they refuse to let die out. A wonderfully exciting revelation as I step into the next phases of my life. I realized through all the sci-fi books and English historical fiction novels set in the 1400’s that my minds ideas can be endless and relevant.

These are my writerly reflections.

Cassandra ❤


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