My favorite bovine bounties.


My favorite products the bovine gave us:

1. Yogurt. If you don’t like yogurt because of the consistency than I guess you just can’t get on board with yogurt. But it’s so good! I can not imagine living without it. it’s so creamy and they can even put flavors in it. Enough said. There is greek yogurt and not greek yogurt and all kinds of other yogurts :-). The word itself is Turkish in origin and it’s origin is said to be traced as far back as the Neolithic Peoples of Asia in 6000 b.c. and it is said to have been created by accident when the enzymes in the carrying cases (animal stomachs) curdled the milk basically making yogurt. So glad that happened. Thank you!

2. Cheese. There are all kinds of cheese made from different animals and I love them all! But I want to say that there are so many wonderful cheeses that come from the bovine that deserve their due. These are just a few of the cheeses made from cows milk that I love.

– Gouda, A Dutch, hard cheese that is amazing to nibble with beer or red wine. It’s so Gouda! lolAged_Gouda_cheese_1

– Asiago, produced on the Veneto foothills in Italy, I use this cheese on sandwiches and salads. Also works well as a midnight munchy, standing with the fridge door open and eating it all by itself until your tummy hurts. So worth it. asiago_it

-Brie, A soft french cheese that I love pairing with a side of grapes and crackers or little toasted bread thingy’s.Brie– Cheddar, one of my favorite cheeses, I prefer sharp cheddar which is produced as the cheese is aged. I literally put sharp cheddar cheese on and in everything. Sandwiches, salads, sauces. I eat it by the slice and sometimes I cook purely around the cheese creating things that will explicitly taste good with it.

3. Buttermilk.  It’s the liquid left behind after churning butter into cream. It is such a magical little concoction.439px-Mattha

4. Cream cheese. This wonder is super high in fat content, that’s probably why it is so damn good 🙂 , and is usually made from un-skimmed milk and then enriched with additional cream. I eat cream cheese, like most people on bagels usually, but I can not wait to share all the other amazing recipes that involve cream cheese. It’s texture and fat content make for very interesting combos.600px-NCI_cream_cheese_bagel

5. Curd. Curd is obtained by curdling (coagulating) milk with rennet or an edible acidic substance such as lemon juice or vinegar, and then draining off the liquid portion. The increased acidity causes the milk proteins  to tangle into solid masses, or curds. Fun fun fun.curd

6. Ice Cream.  Well ice cream is just simply amazing. I actually don’t really eat ice cream, but I will have a small bite of someone elses hehe if it’s vanilla or cookies and cream, my boyfriend loves when I do that. My love of ice cream I think stems from the fact that so many people love it and as I love to bake, make pastries and desserts I find it so fulfilling, all the wonderful things to be done with it. Nothing makes me happier than an intricate desert that involves ice cream.

There are so many things that come from the cow that are wonderful and I decided that this will be the introduction to many more articles in my bovine section where I will highlight some really awesome recipes, my own and others that include great bovine products.

I think what makes me the happiest about cows in general is that they are so wonderfully beautiful and offer us an abundance of nourishment and smiles.

So stay tuned! 🙂  and MOooo!


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