Daily prompt: 3 things you believe to be absolutely true and false.


Three things I believe to be absolutely true:

1. I believe people to be inherently good. I truly believe this my with my whole heart and know that in feeling so I may be categorized as an eternal optimist given the fact that humans are capable of so many horrendous things. But I think the natural conflicts that exist within us is the cause of those types of things and environment perhaps. I believe we are born with a general goodness that can be blighted out for all kinds of reasons and like a muscle whatever that inside us that is nurtured an exercised will ultimately thrive.

2. I believe in love at first sight. Now I don’t think a fully comprehensive well-rounded love of a soul mate that ultimately takes time to develop happens at first sight but I do think that ones true soul mate, if you’re so lucky to be self-aware enough to find yours, can feel at first sight something in-explainable and powerful when you first see one another..

3. I believe, and I hope it doesn’t make me sound too silly, that the mind is a powerful tool and anything at all can be truly be accomplished. We are so complex as humans both emotionally and physically and the things we conquer and over come are at the very least unbelievable. When motivated to the point of exertion I believe that there is simply nothing the mind can not do.

Three things I believe to be absolutely false:

1. I don’t believe the hitting of children in any way at all is beneficial to them for the future. After all once you’re an adult solving your issues through any form of violence can and usually do lead to legal repercussions of the worst kind. Words are the most powerful form of teaching.

2. I don’t believe in the term “theory of evolution” because after all it isn’t a theory at all. There is too much scientific evidence to that proves it.

3. I think the idea of the american dream is false. The idea that someone wants to be a better person in every way possible and chooses to work hard to get their slice of the pie to take care of their family and be successful is a dream that is universal. Can’t for the life of me figure out why it’s called the american dream especially when in this country there are attempts to systematically set up some people for failure. I love america and am truly glad to live here but that dream of prospering is a human one and is accomplished within us wherever we are. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Daily prompt: 3 things you believe to be absolutely true and false.

  1. Well hello, Cassandra!
    I couldn’t reply on the old Weekly Writing Challenge thread, so I decided to do so here!
    You are absolutely of no bother to me! In fact, I am humbled that you came to me for my “expert” advice 😛
    You did it absolutely wonderfully, way to go! And don’t feel bad about asking because I can’t tell you how many trials and errors it took for me to figure it out, even when I read the tutorial numerous times! 🙂
    And by the way, this is a magnificent post. I hold the same beliefs, though you articulate them much better than I could. It’s unfortunate that to hold these beliefs, we are often labeled as unrealistic Pollyannas. What a different world it might be if positivity was shared by all. Although I’ve been knocked down several times, I do sincerely believe in the infinite power of our intentions. Thank you so much for sharing!


    • wow, that is wonderful to hear! 🙂 thank you so much. I am so happy to have an ear and a voice from someone who seems so awesome. hehe. I look forward to reading your blog. I truly do. I apologize i didn’t respond sooner, I have been a little ill. But I am back on the writing road.


      • Oh no! I’m sorry to hear you’ve been ill. ‘Tis the flu season though! 🙂 I understand it though. I mean, you just can’t be sick on your birthday!!!!!!! Glad to hear you’re feeling better, I was worried for a while!


      • I have a wonderful red bearded man who works hard to make me soup when needed. 🙂 so nothing to fear. I shall soon be recovered i would think. I have only just decided if i get the cow cake I am hoping for next week, i mean it is my 30th bday after all, then I shall take a picture of a piece and post it to my blog for you. 🙂 Im born on the first of april, hehe its fitting I think. 🙂


      • That is a delightful idea! And what an awesome day to be born on! 30 is an exciting number, so I’m sending you the best pre-birthday wishes!
        I’m really looking forward to that cake 😀


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