My thoughts on reincarnation are really a collection of some of the information and human recollections of experiences I’ve read in books of all kinds and heard of on television. I am in no way an expert religiously, philosophically or otherwise  but I am of the mind-set that all things are possible and I myself have felt things that neither science or anyone else can explain with certainty.  For that reason alone I find the idea of reincarnation extremely fascinating. The Latin derivative  of the word reincarnation is literally translated as ” entering the flesh again”.  The belief that the transmigration of the soul to either another human body, animal or spirit is believed and embraced by many cultures in different ways.

The one I enjoy the most is the Buddhist belief that there is no eternal self, soul or spirit but simply a stream of consciousness that links one life to another life. I love the idea of this and believe this to be true in some way or another. I think as human beings we are way to complex physically, mentally and spiritually for the death of our physical selves to simply be over when death comes upon us. Whether or not this is actually the case I simply can not say for I obviously have no personal experience and I have yet to be able to utilize the practice known as ‘past live regression’. Where one can perhaps channel and peer into who or what they were in a past life through meditation and dreaming.

What often brings this topic to mind when I’m least expecting it is usually when I read a story about an adult or even a child who can recollect a life in great detail that they have had no prior knowledge of. This seems to have happened and been thoroughly checked out and verified all over the world.

A little boy four or five years of age says he was his grandfather, who died the year before, and recounts his mistresses name or his sisters very mysterious death in a town that isn’t his own. There being no way for him to have known such information. No one having shared such information, obviously with a child of his age or anyone else for that matter.

The why and how of this is never what pinches my minds interest. More so the “I totally understand” kind of feeling comes to my mind. Now I haven’t had any experiences quite as profound but there are people in my life and people I have met where the connection is so strong and un-explainable, maybe we have been reincarnated into one another’s lives. I can’t imagine how it is we sometimes meet people and it feels like we have known them before. Perhaps we haven’t but maybe we have and I choose to believe the latter in some cases. After all it is true that as human beings we only use and perhaps tap into only a very small part of our brains and maybe the same goes for our spiritual more intuitive selves.

What about the feeling of deja vu? I’ve always thought that that could be us tapping into our latent abilities that may give us a little glimpse of what is to come. Or perhaps it’s those same dormant abilities that show us an experience we’ve had already in a similar environment with whatever people or things we see. I definitely don’t have the answers but I do believe that the mind controls the body and the spirit controls the mind and maybe our less evolved selves that we are currently will one day evolve greatly and be able to do and see and know things that are simply beyond most of us now.

I am a believer in science and those things that can be proved but I also believe that just because it can not be proved or has yet to be discovered does not mean that it does not exist or is impossible. After all the vast amount of knowledge and discoveries only have merit because we as humans finally do indeed discover them. But they were still there before we did.

I was raised catholic and have a profound respect for the grounding feeling religion gives to people as a whole. The religious  history and art alone is worth studying it further with extreme interest. However I believe in the inter connectivity of all humans and the energy between us that can not be seen and it gives me hope that one day we will know more about the wonderful mystery of reincarnation.

Some great books to read:

“20 cases suggestive of reincarnation”   – by Dr. Ian Stevenson

“Children’s past lives, how past life memories effect your child” – By Carol Bowman

“Where reincarnation and biology intersect” – by Dr. Ian Stevenson


It should be noted that I suggest books by Dr Stevenson because his findings and research are some of the most respected in the field of paranormal study and he was an expert in psychiatry and personality studies and more. To me he sort of represents an extremely intelligent medical professional who chose to study that which we don’t know much about but as scientifically as possible. Super interesting. Hope I got you thinking about something cool and interesting. 🙂


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