Red heads and the genes they wear.


Red hair is the rarest natural hair color that exists among humans. I also read a few articles where “unnamed scientists” claim that red hair will likely die out in the future. However the extremely recessive gene can skip several generations and then randomly show up so it may not disappear in the forseeable future. But both parents need to carry the gene for a child to be born with red hair. . Red haired people also retain heat better than darker skin people,  I can relate to that, my boyfriend is like a walking radiator. They have a higher rate of bruising and it is said have a higher tolerance for pain. In my personal experience, every single red-headed person I know has an extremely high tolerance for pain. Which I guess is a positive if you get into a lot of bar fights or are prone to toe stubbing. 🙂  It is apparently debatable.

Red hair occurs approximately in 1-2 % of the human population. Meaning Red hair appears in people with two copies of a recessive gene on chromosome 16 which causes a mutation in the MC1R protein. This protein is responsible for regulating skin and hair color.  Apparently the term “red-head” has been in use since 1510. Or so says Wikipedia. lol

I love Red beards. But not so into the actual Red hair on a man. Now I prefer a guy with a red beard and a  shaved head but I want to give props to the men who sport their Red beards and hair proudly. Because after all it is unique. The most unique type there is.

The united states is said to actually have the largest population of Red Heads believe it or not at somewhere between 6-18 million people with that recessive gene I love so much (which is a huge spectrum but those are the numbers I found) . So there is hope ladies if you’re looking for your red beard out there in this country.

Red Head Day is a cool festival in the Netherlands in September that celebrates people with natural red hair, and art related to the hair color. So attend I guess if this seems to float your boat. But don;t go if your color blind because it just wouldn’t be the same.

Some More Fun facts about red heads that gives me a giggle when I need

Red heads are big in the wizardry world apparently, there are at least 4 of you in those Harry Potter movies.

You have one of the best Disney princess’ : Ariel, she is a mermaid with a great figure which is pretty hard to beat most days.

There are lots of awesome famous red heads to look up to. Seriously there are, Elizabeth 1st , Shawn White and Chuck Norris come to mind.  And if you don’t look up to Chuck Norris then you should round house kick yourself 🙂  immediately.

Gingers can require up to 20% more anesthesia than others….which is just interesting and also results in you guys being twice as likely to not go to the dentist. Which sounds gross.

The only downsides I think are that red heads are 90% more likely to get Parkinson’s and Tourette’s  but you can take lots of Folic acid as a preventative measure for the first.

Overall I know that ginger’s face all kinds of discrimination and an abundance of teasing as children but more often than not the tables are turned when they are adults. Some even envied for their one of a kind locks later in life. I mean red hair dye is the most popular of all the colors to choose from the world over. I bet not a single person who made fun of Julianne Moore or Julia Roberts doesn’t wish they never teased them. They are smoking hot and talented to boot to name just a few.  I say if you have  a red beard then let it grow and if your locks are red too then get one of those fabulous shampoos they make to highlight your natural color and Rock on! Don’t hide under a hat or hang your head low! Be feisty and fierce and if not already hopefully you turn out to be a hot ass red-head one day.


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