You don’t have 17 days for rehab?…

Really Amy and every other celebrity/person we cherish who dies too young?

Where to begin… well lets begin with one of my favorite songs , ” rehab” by Amy Winehouse. Why the hell couldn’t she just go to rehab? Ever ask yourself that question?  Obviously addiction is much more complicated than simply quitting but this isn’t the Dr. Drew show so I am just ranting about it. However, are the rest of you in my generation  sick of seeing our idles die because of drug overdose? Its’s almost normal these days. Isn’t it sad when someone dies and you’re not actually surprised?  Is excessive drug use being glorified? Not sure. But I am sick of the fact that these suckas have zero tolerance and/or zero respect for the consequences of those kind of actions.? Because if you shoot heroin into your arm you are literally playing roulette. And not the roulette at the casino, your playing a game where the house always wins. When you take 12 oxycodone with your coffee before work you might die in your office bathroom. And if you think sclerosis of the liver will skip you despite the fact that you drink a bottle of vodka a day you may be surprised. What about how it affects those in your immediate life? Or those not in your immediate life? Those who love you? What happened to a few beers? What happened to not dying? Let it be said that being famous and acquiring celebrity DOES NOT make you an addict. Celebrity mixed with disposable amounts of money is what seems to amplify who you are already, your natural tendencies. But average people seem to be able to always find cash for their next fix too. I don’t know whats worse, the poor person who will do anything for their drugs or the wealthy person who can afford every single drug in abundance.

It might be smarter to just say that its the drugs that amplify who you are. So if you have an addictive personality maybe become obsessed with comic book collecting or bikhram yoga or something. Large sums of income and wealth do help lubricate that transition from an ok life to a possibly extraordinary one but  now the attitude is “If I choose, I can not only afford tons of drugs for every single person on the sunset strip who decides to stop by my flat but for  myself too, if I so choose.”  But also, people’s head space seems to be that even if they are caught or seek ” help”  they will  get off. Serving 10 days of rehab does not count people. Quitting heroine by use of methadone is not the greatest solution  for example but one of the only few out there and needs to be supplemented with other forms of help that is often available only to the very wealthy. This is our fault as a society too because relapse for opioid users is much more likely than from other drugs and we have to help too if we can.   (But this is how our media/generation/laws/govt functions now)  uggggggh  I’m tired of our celebrities, our wealthy”adults” and our people as a whole, dying simply because they can!  It is much harder to actually live than it is to just throw your life away I’ll give you that but let us choose life because after all it is wonderful when you stop and actually take a look. No matter where your from or what you have or don’t have life can be beautiful.

At the end of the day a person with serious problems with addiction need professional and medical help but it isn’t you who just dies, a little piece of us dies with you too.

The reference for the title of this piece comes from a remix version of Amy Whinehouse’s song “rehab” that I heard where the lyrics were something along the lines of “I ain’t got 17 days for rehab” .


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