Yes, you have to shave.

silky smooth

silky smooth

Warning: If you are a woman who goes au naturale then proceed to my next article and skip this one.

Ever been to tired, not in the mood or simply too busy to paint your nails or shave your legs? We all have.

Ladies… let’s have a real discussion about the necessity of shaving/trimming/waxing or whatever it is you do to keep your lady parts up to par. Now one good thing I learned in my 20’s is that even if your single, or only see your man once a week or once a month or whatever the situation you do have to keep your self looking nice. This includes hair, skin, nails etc. I don’t mean that as women we need to always be kept up and looking perfectly pretty for men but we should do it for us and it’s also a nice idea to just in case you do have an actual boyfriend/significant other.


-Do shave/wax your legs regularly ( yes in the winter too) because even in bed alone long hairy legs, short stubbly hairy legs or any kind of hairy legs are just atrocious period.

-Do moisturize (yes, often) as to have wonderfully smooth skin at all times, especially your feet. Its better for your over all skin situation anyhow. Besides I don’t know about anyone else feels  but nothing repels me more than when I haven’t moisturized in a long while, dry flaky body skin on a woman is akin to a man with horrific dandruff.

-Do use a body scrub(sugar or salt) monthly or as often as you can remember (invest in one of those bath and body works kind, they last forever)

-Do keep your nails clipped and shaped even if you don’t wear polish or don’t wear tips. Home mani/pedis are something easily accomplished once every two weeks during your favorite Oxygen re-runs. Scraggly hang nails on a woman are homeless-esque (sorry if that’s not a word but you get what I’m saying) cracked, chipped or yellow looking nails cause nausea in most humans. This is probably scientific fact but I’m not sure.


-Don’t expect your Man, lover or significant other to keep themselves looking tidy and decent if you cant.

-Dont engage in sexual activity unless you’ve done the above “Do’s”. Now obviously this isnt always applicable as life and love often take hold of us in the moment but in general I would personally think its rude if one half of a couple is fine with things like ” well its winter so I don’t have to shave” Yes you do!

At the end of the day keeping ourselves beautiful as women is a pretty taxing job that men just will never understand bc they require such little maintenance in comparison to us but to me i think, all the more reason to cherish our bodies and treat them like temples. After all we can bring life into the world, go to work, show up for a PTA meeting, hang with the girls, take an online night class and get that shirt ironed all in the same day if we chose and that’s bc we are awesome! So we should treat ourselves like that.

Sidenote: It should be noted that as a working, busy individual with a personal life and responsibilities it’s obviously not always so easy to tend to what at times can seem like tedious deeds. But I can assure you if you pluck out just a few minutes from every day and add them together at the end of the month you’ll have some hours to pamper and treat yourself.

Products I use coming soon.. 🙂


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