Milk makes your bones strong?

….. 🙂 References I used for this post…. one is incredibly credible and the other references the first . But I think that makes it more interesting. Enjoy!   (calcium and milk, whats healthy for you bones)  and (the pros and cons of dairy)

Got Osteoporosis?

This cow  is saying "Mooo,  back off my teats"

This cow is saying “Mooo, back off my teats”

That should be the title of those commercials and ads that we as a society have been bombarded with for way too many years now. I’ve always been of the mindset that if the media and/or any other industry that might further flourish exponentially is super pushing something than I better do some research and see what the medical facts are that do or do not exist. This topic in particular has interested me since I was like 6. I think. Well probably not that long but I was incredibly adverse to milk as a child. Now I know why! ha!

I can’t say for sure if this occurred but I’m certain in 1st grade I rebelled against something. And why not a white creamy substance in a box that my teacher claimed would make my “bones strong” and continue “to grow”. Kindergarten teachers lie sometimes. Mine told me sticks and stones could break my bones but words would never hurt me. Lie! I’m  sure in all my single digit year glory I must have been against it or at the very least questioned how adults got away with pushing mini cartons of milk on me.

FACTS:                                                                                                                                                                                                 The body gets calcium from either a food source or drawing it from the bones themselves if said food source is lacking in calcium bc the blood levels of calcium are too low

Dairy products have the highest concentration of highly absorbable calcium but so do dark leafy greens and beans of all kinds.

Preventing osteoporosis is simple: 1.You have to make the densest, strongest bones  you can before your 30 yrs old bc that’s the age where the ratio of bone production and bone destruction ultimately changes. Meaning at 30 your sort of starting to get old and your bones breakdown more than they remodel. However over consuming milk for your entire childhood is not the way. Bc the second and third ways to prevent osteoporosis and grow strong bones is 2. Get regular exercise. All of you who thinks climbing the five-story walk-up in your apt building does not count. And 3. consume enough Vitamin K.

Currently it is recommended ( to prevent osteoporosis) that we ingest 3 glasses of milk per day…A recommendation that medical professionals are 50-50 on apparently.

Woman in general are at a slightly higher risk of ovarian cancer consuming 3 or more glasses of milk a day! To that I say “what the F!”

Milk is also pretty high in calories, 3 cups of 2% milk has 366 calories. I personally like to save those extra calories for the skittles and sour patch kids I eat at midnight.

Sidenote: According the Harvard school of public health Osteoporosis leads to 300.000 broken hips per year. Poor old people. They also think that there is very little evidence showing milk consumption will lead to less bone fractures as a whole.. hmmmm interesting!

It should also be said that the studies done world-wide for the necessary consumption of milk are all short-term studies on small group studies whereas some medical professionals feel that a better assessment could be made with longer term studies.


Anyhow… I have always believed that as a country we consume too much of every freaking thing anyways and that the  way we push milk on parents for kids to drink is crazy. It’s like they are drug dealers and trust me their hustle is like no other, the milk  industry is a 140 Billion dollar industry .(you can buy a lot of Twizzlers with that). We give the population zero information on why it is or isn’t beneficial.(How many of yours parent researched every item in your diet as a kid?)

It simply turns out that when you do the research you can argue it either way. I simply choose not drink milk to get the necessary Vit D, Vit K or anything else I can get from healthy green vegetables, beans, tubers, potatoes etc that ultimately are better for you in the long run.

Hope this doesn’t discourage anyone from enjoying their favorite bovine beverage with a PBandJ.

On a positive note every 1 million dollars in U.S. milk sales creates 17 jobs. so there.

Look for my next Bovine article about the process in which we get milk from cows because its pretty damn barbaric.


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